Your personal collage made by designer Anline Ruby.
You see drafts before approving and getting the file.
Great idea for confirmation and wedding!
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At ORIGINALS ByRuby you will find uniquely designed images done in photo art and graphics.
The website will give you experiences of exquisite design for use in your home such as personal collages, editing photos from your mobile as well as beautiful little unique images.

With 25 years of experience in graphic design, interior design and photography, I have built up a basic material that consists of my own photos and designs. The images can be acquired here on the page in several formats and with different frames.
Collage: If you send me more of your favorite photos, I will be able to create an exciting collage for great pleasure for you and your loved ones.
Your photo: I can also help you by editing your own photo so that it is ready for capture.
Decor: Do you think your private environment needs a major makeover, I am the one with the experience of many interiors and ready to lend a helping hand.
Posters: in a Nordic style I have taken here in Denmark and on my travels around the world.

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I made an inspirational gallery of home decor with posters   Click here

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Home decor with posters

Posters, poster art, Nordic style and home decor.

It's never been easier to give our home and office a facelift. With New color and new posters, you will have a brand new look.
Nordic style posters make it easy for you to create a new style and mood in your home. Posters can be used for a home color change and a changed style.
Create an exciting wall with photo art. See interior design ideas .

Posters for the living room - try making a series of pictures on the wall

Posters for the home are very popular. Especially mixing new posters with old pictures.
It makes your old pictures / photos look like new again, because you see them in a completely different context.
Lay them on the floor before hanging them up so you know exactly how to hang them.

Tip: Make sure there is always one of the edges that are perfectly straight (top or bottom).
It gives the most peace.


See more under interior design ideas  HERE

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Collages for weddings and round birthdays.

One of the very unique things I do is personal collages.
A collage of what matters most to you. Send me your pictures and wishes,
and then I make a unique collage tailored to your home. See more inspiring examples here. Anline ruby _1000.png


An amazing gift full of memories, gift card for a collage?

All you have to do is choose a collage in the size and number of images you want to give as a gift.
Then type in the box called  "What style do you want on your collage"  GIFT CARD and the recipient's full name, as well as what color frame you want for the gift card: black, white or natural.
If you also want me to print the collage, it is important that you also choose what kind of print to include in the price.

Then you receive a small frame with the gift card and info on what the recipient of the
gift must do to get the collage made. The size and number of images are on the back of the frame so the recipient can immediately see what the gift contains.

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