How to order a collage.

1. In the size box, select the dimensions of the collage you want to order.

2. Then tick to indicate whether you want collagen horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait). Of course, this check is skipped when ordering a square collage.

3. Now enter and specify how many photos you submit for collage use.

4. The next box allows you to write a text that you want to include in the collage. For example, birth dates, wedding dates, paragraphs from song lyrics, quotes, etc.

5. Write down what thoughts you have about collagen regarding theme, style and colors. Use if necessary. our examples of collages for reference.

6. Then you can select which colors you want to include in the collage.

Now you appreciate your collage and you are ready to order the collage.

The order you have placed here will be sent to you as a jpg file. If you want your collage printed on paper, canvas or aluminum, you can place an order here on this page.

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