Personal Collage - a gift filled with love

Get your own artwork made for your wall. An artpiece, with the best days of your life.

You decide on the colors, style and the pictures to include in the collage.
I have several years of experience designing personal collages. Knowing that it is an image that will bring joy for many years to come, I
am doing my utmost to achieve the best result.
As soon  as I have created a draft, I'll send it to you, so that you can submit collage corrections. You have up to 4 times.
Once you are satisfied with the collagen, it will be sent to you according to your order.

Give e.g. a gift card for a collage as the perfect wedding gift. Give the bridal couple an eternal memory of their amazing day.
Made to match their style and colors. See gift certificate at bottom of this page.


Kennel Chocan in 50x70cm poster. 6 pictures.
Held in black and white, blue and beige.


Collage with 3 pictures, name and date of birth.
50 x 70 cm in a pink duce color.


Gold wedding collage. 3 pictures in happy colors, where the colors from the pictures characterize the collage.
Made in a special size 60 x 25 cm.


Children's collage in 50 x 70 cm. 5 pictures and text.
Held in black and white and green.


Pets in 50 x 50 cm. 4 pictures kept in blue and greyish blue.


Family collage in 60 x 60 cm. 3 pictures
held in black and white and beige.


Wedding collage in 90 x 90 cm. 3 pictures kept in natural colors, green yellow and blueish-gray.

Dog collage in 120 x 120 cm. 6 pictures kept in Grey, green and blueish-gray.


Huge family portrait in 120x120 cm. 25 images kept in turquoise tones with a touch of orange.


Collage of children in 100 x 100 cm. With pictures and drawings of the child a total of 6 pictures kept in purple and orange.

Gift- Collage

Are you missing a wedding gift or just want to have memories on your wall. Then A PhotoCollage is the perfect idea.
It is made entirely on the basis of personal desires and is addressed so that it becomes just as you wish.

Talk to me and get the best gift for yourself or for your friends and family.

The gift that always fits in color and style.

art on the wall


Order Collage

If you want to order a collage for yourself or for a special occasion look here.

How do I do it

You will always receive your collage as a Jpg file, so you have the opportunity to print it yourself.

If you want to have it printed as a picture, we have three options. On paper, canvas or aluminum plate.

You can see the prices under "Print of collage".


Which size do you want on your collage.
Should the image be horizontal or portrait.
Upload photos just below order
Romantic, humorous, minimalist ect.. You can also use our examples of collages for reference.
What do you want as collage text? Eg. birthday date, names or lyrics.
E.g. royal blue, greenish tones, black and white or many colors.

Collage fra DKK 100,00

Sent photos via wetransfer  Click here
or by mail:

Print of collage

If you want your collage print look here


Lækkert print på 230g matt enchanced papir. Flot mat finish.

Produktet er uden ramme. Se rammer

Print fra DKK 175,00


Canvas i 100% polyester spændt op på en 20 mm blindramme.
Kommer med beslag, klar til ophængning. 

Print fra DKK 470,00


En 3 mm tyk alu-plade med en sort kerne.
Den kommer med beslag på bagsiden, klar til ophængning.
Den har en helt glat overflade, som kan tøres af med en fugtig klud.

Print fra DKK 595,00

White oak

DKK 95,00

Nature Oak

DKK 95,00

Black oak

DKK 95,00

Gift card for a collage?

All you have to do is choose a collage in the size and number of images you want to give as a gift.
Then type in the box called  "What style do you want on your collage" GIFT CARD and the recipient's full name, as well as what color frame you want for the gift card: black, white or natural.
If you also want me to print the collage, it is important that you also choose what kind of print to include in the price.

Then you receive a small frame with the gift card and info on what the recipient of the gift must do to get the collage made.

The size and number of images are on the back of the frame so the recipient can immediately see what the gift contains.

Remember to write your own address. on the order form.

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