Decorated with pictures

Good tips and tricks on how to revive your home / office with great wall decor

The classic

The way we hang pictures most often is 2, 3 or more pictures next to each other.
It always works and is looks nice. So a classic.


When you hang your picture, you must be careful not to hang them too high. The center of the picture must be around your chin. It is important that you don't look up to see your picture.

Create your own gallery wall by hanging several pictures together in a group. You can either play with the lines in the frames or deliberately distribute them more abstractly. When you create a gallery wall with pictures in several sizes, it is a good idea to put the pictures on the floor so that you can easily move them around until you find the particular combination that suits you and your home.

If you are unsure how big your picture can be on the wall, it is a good idea to make the size out of newspaper and put it up on the wall as a sample. It gives a good sense of what size you should choose.

Play with your pictures

Playing with the setup of your pictures with exciting results.
My best advice when starting to play is to create a straight line that should be the starting point for the rest of the setup.See examples.
As soon as this line is in place, there are free reins. However, it may be a good idea to keep the same distance between all images consistently.
Breaking it up a bit with a frame of a different color can also be fun. This way you also create a focal point.

Bottom line
Top line
2 Cross lines

Mix and match

It is really trendy right now to mix new and old. It is an exciting way to bring new life to its old images.
You can mix styles, frames and colors.
The most important thing is that you find a good balance.
However, finding the right balance can be incredibly difficult. Therefore, try putting your pictures on the floor first, where you can move around until you find your final result.
Remember one thing,  that the picture must match with things in the surroundings.
See the examples I have made in private homes.

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